[BioC] Array Set - Multiple Testing Problem

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On Sep 11, 2009, at 12:01 PM, Sean Davis wrote:

> The classic example that I can think of is the hgu133a and b where  
> the probes on the a array were "refseq-based" and so represented  
> well-validated genes while the probes on the b array were generally  
> ESTs and, being less "qualified" as probesets, had much different  
> error qualities than those on the a array.  If using something like  
> limma or SAM that has some sort of "variance pooling", the variances  
> will be inflated in one array of the set and decreased in the other  
> array of the set.

Wow ... I never used them, but I didn't know that part of hgu133*'s  
history ... thanks for the lesson!

> I hope that helps.  I have done a particularly bad job of explaining  
> myself above--sorry about confusion.

Sure it helped, thanks.


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