[BioC] Gene-snp matching

Bucher Elmar Ext-Elmar.Bucher at vtt.fi
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Hi Mohamed, 

I never had to link snips to genes. But I checked the documentation of
the biomaRt bioconductor package.

This package enables you to use ensembl mart in R. 

I checked there the attributes and filters for the Homo Sapiens. Several
snp related attributes and filters are to find. So I think this package
will be able to solve your problem.   

If you work at Homo Sapiens the package SNPlocs.Hsapiens.dbSNP.20090506,
which I found in addition on the bioconductor homepage, might as well be


But if the biomaRt packge works, then myself would prefer the biomaRt...
but that's just a matter of taste and you maybe better listen to a
person who works a lot whit snp data, if one of those gives you answer.

Anyhow, hope this help get you at least started. 

So long, Elmar 

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Hi  All,

I have a list of genes and I want the snps matching of these genes (the 
other way too e.g: Snps ----> genes)

Is there any R package  to do this ?


Mohamed Lajnef
INSERM Unit? 955. 
40 rue de Mesly. 94000 Cr?teil.
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