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On 08/16/2010 09:50 AM, mcoyne at boninc.com wrote:
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> Hi All, 
> 	I'm not quite sure if my question is appropriate for this forum; if
> not, please direct me to the correct forum.  I understand that
> BioConductor establishes itself as an analytical service on the caGRID
> (of caBIG program of NCI).   I wonder what is the status of the
> project and furthermore, I would like to be able to use the
> bioConductor analytical services, where would I get documentation and
> any additional software that I need to download and where would I
> obtain the software.   
> 	(I'm familiar with caGRID, caCORE, and have experience in getting
> data service up and running on the caGRID, not have not work with it
> Analytical Service at all.) 
>  My Coyne 

Hi --

A small number of Bioconductor work flows have been established as
caGrid analytic services; these are discoverable on the caGrid portal,


as those services that are hosted at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research
Center here in Seattle.

Documentation is available at


under '02 Bioconductor CaGrid Services'. The functionality provided by
the services is documented in the Service Documentation archive; the
Installation Guide provides instruction on establishing your own instances.

The RWebServices package


has a vignette on enabling web services on additional packages,
including how these are combined with the caGrid introduce
infrastructure, so that it is not impossible to create custom caGrid

The code for the services is in gforge,


Please let me know if you'd like further assistance.


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