[BioC] genArise

mcarvajal at ifc.unam.mx mcarvajal at ifc.unam.mx
Tue Aug 17 02:35:57 CEST 2010

Hi, i'm Miguel and i'm working in a new version of the genArise  
software. Since it was writed for R 2.3.x, a lot of thing have changed  

First we updated it, and now it works fine with windows vista and 7.  
But we have a great problem, it looks like all the code uses S3  
classes. I've read that BioConductor now requires a structured code in  
all packages, and also all should use S4 classes.

I'm not shure if all the .R files are ok, and a great problem is that  
genArise has problems using tcltk. Can anyone tell me if it's  
necessary to update genArise structure ? Or it can be submitted to  
bioC again without changes?

Thanks a lot!
Miguel Angel Carvajal

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