[BioC] GOHyperGResult in a data.frame, possible NAMESPACE problem?

Robert Castelo robert.castelo at upf.edu
Tue Jan 12 23:03:11 CET 2010

hi Seth,

> Thanks for posting that and for putting together a reproducible example.
>   I can reproduce the error here and am investigating.  Unfortunately, I
> think you've encountered a "subtlety" of the S4 system.

ugh..lucky me! i should buy a lottery ticket this week :)

> Inside myPkg, summary does not resolve to a generic function and so the
> desired dispatch does not work.  I don't yet understand why.

i see, just in case it may be informative for you, i was playing with it
this afternoon and i removed by mistake the NAMESPACE and DESCRIPTION
files and then it suddenly worked :-?

> As a *temporary* workaround, see the attached patch.

this is great it works like a charm, i was going nuts to find a way to
move this function out from the vignette of the package containing the
pipeline into the R code of the package. (within a vignette inside myPkg
it was working as well..)

thanks a lot for your help, i think i would have had to wait till i die and
be born again to reincarnate myself into an R-developer to find that patch  


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