[BioC] [R] Suppress output from getGEO

Craig P. Pyrame crappyr at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 16:26:10 CET 2010

Duncan Murdoch wrote:
> getGEO is a Bioconductor package.  Feel free to insult the helpful 
> people there if you want to alienate them, but please don't crosspost 
> here.
> Duncan Murdoch


Do you consider this sort of output from a function helpful in any way? 
I don't, and I can't see how anyone could, this must be some sort of 
mistake, bug, whatever you call it.

While it's possibly getGEO to create this output, it's also not unlikely 
that the output is actually generated by some underlying function that 
has nothing to do with Bioconductor. I can imagine a function that has 
this 'convenient' feature of printing dots while loading data, but the 
files loaded by getGEO are so large (for example, 50MB) that the 
'convenience' is turned into annoyance. I included r-help precisely 
because I suspect it's not Bioconductor's fault in this case.

Besides, I think you might want to make efforts to be less aggressive. I 
don't think my use of words in my previous message was inappropriate, 
but yours seems to be. I apologize if my post hurt your feelings, and 
now expect you do the same,

Best regards,

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