[BioC] methylumiSet - normalization

Noemi Andor Noemi.Andor at campus.lmu.de
Tue Jun 29 09:08:05 CEST 2010

Hi everybody,

I have some Illumina methylation data which I try to normalize using the Methylumi package. I've constructed an MethyLumiSet taking as example the mldat-object from the vignette, i.e. I build the components of my methylumiset-object analogue to the mldat-object. Yet when I try to normalize I get the following report:

> normalizeMethyLumiSet(eset)
> Error in function (classes, fdef, mtable)  :
> unable to find an inherited method for function "QCdata<-", for signature
> "MethyLumiSet", "NULL"

I read, the same problem has allready been posted, yet I couldn't find any solutions to it.

I would be very greatfull for an answer, since I invested a lot of time, till I found out how to build such a MethyLumiSet object - yet I can't find any hint to this problem.



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