[BioC] Error : .onLoad failed in loadNamespace() for 'org.Hs.eg.db'; RS-DBI driver -database locked

Manikhandan Mudaliar drmani.vet at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 22:24:48 CEST 2010

Marc Carlson <mcarlson at ...> writes:

> Hi Manikhandan,
> I still cannot reproduce this problem.  I have loaded all the latest
> versions of the packages that you have in your sessionInfo() and none of
> them causes any problems for me.  But the error says that your
> annotation database is locked.  And so I wonder if you might have other
> R sessions (or other things) open which are tapping into (and possibly
> writing to) this same library?  So you might want to start over, and be
> sure to try and kill any rogue R processes that may be present, it might
> also be a good idea to start fresh by moving the .RData file from the
> directory you use to launch R.  Another thing to try is to remove your
> previous annotation packages (in particular org.Hs.eg.db since that one
> is giving this error) with remove.packages().  That way you can get a
> fresh start when you try to use biocLite() to install these packages.
>   Marc

Dear Marc,

Thanks for your time and efforts.

It is not working. 

I have tried many times (rebooting, launching R from different directories,
starting new sessions, etc). I have no other R sessions running. 

remove.packages("org.Hs.eg.db") reports that no such packages in my library.


Best Regards,

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