[BioC] grid.chromosome in quantsmooth, without cytobands?

Paul Shannon pshannon at systemsbiology.org
Fri Oct 22 23:01:07 CEST 2010

I am very keen to use the grid.chromosome function in the bioc package quantsmooth.

I'd like the karyograms to be rendered *without* cytobands -- so that the interior of each idiogram is available for me to plot other data into.

I notice that there is a 'bands' argument to grid.chromosome, with expected value of either 'major' or 'minor'.  Would it be possible to support a third option, 'none'?


 - Paul

--- sample code

   library (quantsmooth)  
   grid.newpage ()
   grid.chromosome (22, units="bases",  height=0.15, width = 0.5, cex.leg=1.5, bands='major')

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