[BioC] Questions about model matrix, logFC and adjusted P.value of t-test

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> Subject: [BioC] Questions about model matrix,	logFC and adjusted
> 	P.value of t-test
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> My result file contains coefficients of all the 16 contrasts
> that I asked for and
> the p-value of each contrast (each t-test) but NOT the
> adjusted p-value. It also
> gives me the F value and the p-value of the F-test and again
> NOT the adjusted p-
> value of the F-test.
> I can get the adjusted p-value from the F-test by using the
> command "p.adjust"
> but not with the t-test. When I used the command "topTable"
> with coeff=1 (until
> 16 each time for all of my 16 contrasts), I can get the
> adjusted p-value of each
> contrast.
> My questions are:
> 1. Why does not the command "eBayes" give adjusted p-value?
> Is there an easier or
> more direct way to get adjusted p-value of the t-test?
Hi Mingkwan,

try "decideTests" command, it allows you to choose multiple contrast
correction method and p-value cutoff. Below example, but read about it
in limma's manual.


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