[BioC] boxplot expressionset

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Wed Sep 1 11:37:28 CEST 2010

Hi David, 

where does your ExpressionSet come from? -- It contains
character data and that is the cause of the error in boxplot().


 - axel

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01.09.2010 11:28
[BioC] boxplot expressionset
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I have an expressionset object:

  chr [1:96, 1:12] "35.7403" "32.772404" "31.26038" "45" ...
  - attr(*, "dimnames")=List of 2
   ..$ : chr [1:96] "geneA" "geneB" "geneC" "geneD" ...
   ..$ : chr [1:12] "SampleA" "SampleB" "SampleC" "SampleD" ...

The object contais 96 genes and 12 samples. How to boxplot the object
 > boxplot(exprs(mydata.eset))
Error in x[floor(d)] + x[ceiling(d)] :
   non-numeric argument to binary operator

thanks for your help.


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