[BioC] old version of Bioconductor package/annotation library lumiHumanAll.db

Marc Carlson mcarlson at fhcrc.org
Wed Sep 1 19:55:32 CEST 2010

Hi Mervi,

That error message is caused by using an annotation package from a
different version of bioconductor than the version of used by your
installed AnnotationDbi package.  The DBSCHEMA is being mentioned
because it changed between the different releases.  For best results
please consider updating R and then update bioconductor using biocLite()
as described here on the bioconductor web site:


Using biocLite() will help to make sure that your packages are all from
the same branch of Bioconductor as is appropriate for the version of R
that you are running.

If you are really stuck using the older version of R then you will have
to use the older annotation packages.  You can downgrade by just
uninstalling the affected packages (just see: ?remove.packages) and then
use biocLite() to put it back.


On 08/31/2010 11:22 PM, Alanne, Mervi wrote:
>  Dear All,
> I updated my annotation library lumiHumanAll.db into version 1.10.1 but I'm unable to load it correctly. The error message is below.
> The latest version is created with R-version 2.11.1 and I'm working with R 2.10. Could this be the reason? Unfortunately I can't update R quickly without administrative rights. Another error is the DBSCHEMA. I dont' know which of the packages I'm using has updated dbconn. Is there any way I could downgrade both dbconn and lumiHumanAll?? Can the old versions be found somewhere??
> Loading required package: org.Hs.eg.db
> Error in checkDBSCHEMA(dbconn, "HUMANCHIP_DB") :
>   invalid DB schema version (found 2.1, expected 2.0)
> In addition: Warning message:
> package 'lumiHumanAll.db' was built under R version 2.11.1
> Error : .onLoad failed in 'loadNamespace' for 'lumiHumanAll.db'
> Error: package/namespace load failed for 'lumiHumanAll.db'
> Best regards,
> Mervi Kinnunen
> Wihuri Research Institute
> Finland
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