[BioC] Drawing multiple sequence logos with seqLogo?

Wolfgang Huber whuber at embl.de
Tue Sep 7 18:12:17 CEST 2010

Hi Nenad

grid graphics, and in particular the "seqLogo" function, are in fact a 
lot more powerful for combining with other graphics elements (including 
a title, or multiple logos in one plot) than R's default graphics, 
"par", etc. The only possible drawback is that one needs to read the 
"grid" documentation to understand its viewport concept.


and search for "Introduction to grid" and perhaps "Working with viewports".

	Best wishes

PS: always remember to be specific about the name of the package (and 
version) that you refer to.

PPS: nothing is impossible with R.

Nenad Bartonicek scripsit 06/09/10 19:24:
> Hello,
> The seqLogo function is fast and useful, but has limited graphical
> options. For example, it is impossible to add a title to a graph.
> Furthermore, since it is uses "grid", it is also impossible to use
> par() if one wants to put multiple logos together.
> Does anyone have an idea what would be the fastest way to combine
> multiple logos into one pdf, without reediting the function itself? I
> would like to avoid usage of Imagemagick if possible...
> Thanks a bunch for any advice,
> Nenad
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Wolfgang Huber

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