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Wolfgang Huber whuber at embl.de
Tue Sep 14 00:41:57 CEST 2010


It seems that you want to call the default 'hist' function from the 
graphics package. You can do so by saying


That function expects a vector, and one way of obtaining that is by 
'exprs', so that altogether you could try

   graphics::hist.default( exprs(results), breaks=100, col="skyblue")

Hope this helps,


On 13/09/10 16:55, Andrew Einhorn wrote:
> Hi there
> I would like to generate a histogramof my data after normalision using oligo
> rma.  See code below.
> library(oligo)
> celfiles<- list.celfiles("cel_files",full.names = T)
> twfs<- read.celfiles(celfiles)
> results<- rma(twfs)
> hist(results)
> The hist implementation in this instance takes the log2 of the expression
> set elements before making the plot.  This is a problem since the data has
> already been logged, so my x-axis range is now [0,4] instead of [0,16].
> Is there a way to square each element of "results" before calling hist?
> Regards
> Andrew
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