[BioC] two color microarray normalization

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Dear Bryan,

when working with two-color arrays, you're typically using the log2 fold 
change M
( log2(CY5) - log2(CY3) ) and the average intensity A ( (log2(CY5) + 
log2(CY3))/2 )
instead of separate intensities by channel and limma's normalization 
will do the conversion for you, see ?normalizeWithinArrays and/or Ch. 6 of

If you want to have normalized intensities, you can back-transform the 
results using ?RG.MA (note that the resulting values will be unlogged).

Limma can also perform separate channel analysis of two-color data, see 
Ch. 9
of the user's guide if that's what you want.


 - axel

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[BioC] two color microarray normalization
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Dear BioC,

I have a pretty straight two-color microarray question. My data is in .gpr
format, which I have attempted to normalize using the limma and limmaGUI
packages in R. My output for each array consists of one value per gene
scaled to zero for BOTH CY3 and CY5 combined. Is this expected? I had
anticipated my output would consist of separate values for each dye and 
they would be log2 fold intensities (similar to single color arrays). I 
not been able to find much info regarding this. Any insight will be 


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