[BioC] RE : Where is DEXSeq bioconductor package?

Simon Noël simon.noel.2 at ulaval.ca
Sat Jul 23 18:51:07 CEST 2011


I can't really help..  But there strange thing there...  With google cache, you can see a download like that look incorect : source("http:///biocLite.R")  Usualy, there are only 2 /.  The adresse I use when I need package is source("http://bioconductor.org/biocLite.R").  Also, the information say it's for development version 2.9 of bioconductor...  So maby it's in a part of it's development where it's not usable...  So maby a developer can help.  I am only using version 2.8...

 Theysay that the author are Simon Anders and Alejandro Reyes , both at EMBL Heidelberg.
 Theyalso say that the maintainer is Alejandro Reyes.  You should try to contact them as your next step.
Simon Noël
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Objet : [BioC] Where is DEXSeq bioconductor package?
 Hereis a introduce to DEXSeq. It is a bioconductor package. But I can
not find where to download it.
And the link provided in the blog does not work.
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