[BioC] lumi, Illumina Methylation 450k, and robust methylation calls

Tiffany Morris tiffyjmo at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 13 19:08:18 CEST 2011

Tim Rayner <tfrayner at ...> writes:

> I have recently started to use the lumi package to analyse some
> Illumina Human Methylation 450k data, and I have run into some
> problems which seem to revolve around division by zero in the
> gammaFitEM() function.

> I've got around this by editing the function and putting na.rm=TRUE in
> each of the relevant calls to sum(), and the generated plots look
> quite believable, but I can't be sure if that's actually a valid
> approach. Is there a better way to address this problem?


I am also having difficulty getting the gammaFitEM() function to work. Does
anyone have a solution?


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