[BioC] error LiWongRank in RNAither

Nora brotmassage at gmx.de
Tue Jun 28 16:02:35 CEST 2011


Could you describe your problem more precisely? I have just tested the 
example with R 2.13.0 and RNAither 2.0 under Windows 7 and I don't have 
any problems.
Not sure I understand well, don't you get any genes as an output after 
inputting a threshold?


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> Content-Type: text/plain Hi everyone, I'm using the LiWongRank 
> function in RNAither to do with my data. Here's the code of the 
> example that is failing:
>> >  data(exampleHeader, package="RNAither")
>> >  data(exampleDataset, package="RNAither")
>> >  normres<- LiWongRank(header, dataset, list("SigIntensity", "GeneName"))
> Then the function needs user input the threshold to work. But whatever numbers
> as a threshold I put in, NA is taken as a result.
> Does anyone have an idea about it?
> Many thanks!
> R: 2.13.0
> RNAither 2.0
> OS:winxp 64X
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