[BioC] objective criterion for identification of outlying arrays by pca

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I did say it was a long time ago; but it was *so* long ago that I had 
forgotten that we did that analysis in MATLAB....  We have used the idea 
several times since then, so I tracked down the R code and put together 
an example for you.  (See the attached PDF file.) The only thing you 
need is the "mahalanobis" function included in the Sweave script that is 
attached.  As long as you have a routine that produces a "scores" slot 
when computing principal components, this function should work.

To actually run the script, you need the "ClassDiscovery" package from 
our OOMPA suite of packages, since that contains our implementation of 
PCA (in the SamplePCA function).  You can install this from the R 
repository at
by following the instructions at


On 11/4/2011 8:48 AM, Richard Friedman wrote:
> Dear Kevin and List,
>     I read your paper with great interest but from the paper the 
> method seems to be implemented
> mainly in Matlab. I am not a Matlab user,  Is there a user-friendly R 
> version that can be used
> with no more R-scripting on the part of the user than is typical of 
> most bioconductor
> packages?
> Thanks and best wishes,
> Rich
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