[BioC] CRAN packages maintained by you

Kurt Hornik Kurt.Hornik at wu.ac.at
Tue Nov 8 15:01:39 CET 2011

Dear maintainers,

This concerns the packages

   CORREP Icens RBGL RLMM gpls hexbin hopach impute maanova qvalue

maintained by one of you.

As you are certainly aware, these packages are curently hosted on both
CRAN and Bioconductor (and the latter has a strong preference to avoid
double hosting).

With the new BioC release out, the versions of your packages on CRAN are
now one BioC release cycle behind the BioC release versions.

We do not put packages on CRAN which are not submitted to CRAN (and this
time there will be no more "automatic submission" on your behalf from
the BioC release team).  So:

* If you want to continue to have your package hosted on CRAN as well,
  pls submit the currently BioC release version to CRAN's incoming.

* Otherwise, please let us know that from now on your package should
  exclusively be hosted on BioC: we will then archive the package on
  CRAN, and provide corresponding information on the CRAN package web

Whatever your decision, pls let us know as soon as possible, but no
later than Fr, Nov 18.  If we do not read from you until then, we will
simply archive the CRAN version of your package.


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