[BioC] DESeq Error: pobs == ps[kAs[i] + 1] is not TRUE

Simon Anders anders at embl.de
Sun Nov 20 10:34:38 CET 2011

Hi Robert

On 2011-11-17 15:20, Robert Castelo wrote:
> using the package DESeq i get an error in nbinomTest() after calling
> estimateDispersions() with the arguments method="per-condition" and
> sharingMode="gene-est-only".

Thanks for the bug report. I just corrected the issue; it is now fixed 
in versions 1.6.1 (release) and 1.7.2 (devel).

Please remember to use "gene-est-only" only if you have really many 
replicates (let's say, ten or more). Otherwise (as the warning issued by 
the function explains) you will lose type-I error control.


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