[BioC] Affy U133 array CEL files - how can i see individual probe signals?

Deb [guest] guest at bioconductor.org
Wed Nov 23 13:17:29 CET 2011


Normally,in order to view probe signals from an Affy U133 array i import the CEL using 


Then have to 


Which only allows me to see the mean signal for all probes of the same ID, even though they represent different sequences associating with the same target gene.

I want to be able to see the signal for every individual probe on the array.

Does anyone know of a way of doing this?

I have also converted the .CEL file to .txt using Affymetrix Power Tools but it doesn't give me Probe ID names, just x/y co-ords of the probes.


 -- output of sessionInfo(): 


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