[BioC] BSgenome or org.Hs.eg.db to find gene length

Fatemehsadat Seyednasrollah fatsey at utu.fi
Thu Oct 11 18:42:14 CEST 2012

Dear list,

As I have read I can find chromosome number (using org.Hs.egCHR) , chromosome location (org.Hs.egCHRLOC) and end position(using org.Hs.egCHRLOCEND) of a list of gene symbols. But I did not find which one mapped the gene length to its symbol. Should I subtract what I get in  org.Hs.egCHRLOCEND from org.Hs.egCHRLOC for each gene symbol to find the gene length or is there an easier way to find it for a long list of gene symbols.

Thank you 

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