[BioC] Creating annotation package with a new database schema

Fabian Grammes fabian.grammes at umb.no
Mon Oct 22 14:57:56 CEST 2012

Dear List

I am working with Atlantic salmon and am highly interested to make a  
custom annotation package for the
microarray that I am using.

I've worked through the tutorial from Gabor Csardi ("Creating an  
annotation package with a new database
schema" ), which was very helpful. However, I am struggling to  
implement the bimap objects to access
the GO annotations that I have in the DB.

The GO data is stored in 6 tables (BP, BP_all, MF, MF_all, CC, CC_all)  
looking like the format that I found for
the organism packages in BioC:
ID		GOID			evi
6092	GO:0000910		IEA
6092	GO:0040035		IEA
6092	GO:0000398		IEA

So if someone could help me/ point me to the correct way how to  
implement the GO mappings
in an annotation package that would be great.

kind regards, Fabian

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