[BioC] PostDoctoral position - Deadline is approaching

RNDr. Martin Pospíšek, Ph.D. martin.pospisek at natur.cuni.cz
Tue Sep 18 13:31:01 CEST 2012

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION, reminder - deadline is approaching (September
23, 2012).  Position is available either for a computational biologist
/ bioinformatician or for a molecular biologist to study a role of
physical and functional interactions between translation initiation
factors and 5' and 3' untranslated regions (UTRs) in a control of mRNA
translation and stability. Both canonical and
non-canonical translation initiation factors will be in a focus of the
study. The main models currently employed in the laboratory are human
cell lines - namely derived from various acute leukemia, budding
yeast, hepatitis C virus and the beetle Tribolium castaneum. A broad
selection of models and used techniques allow us to ask questions
ranging from those covering basic functions of translational apparatus
to questions concerning associated evolutionary and developmental
consequences. Dysregulation of translation initiation and mRNA
stability plays a key role in many human pathologies including cancer,
leukemia and viral infection.

QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE. We are looking for a highly motivated,
enthusiastic and qualified researcher who would like to join our team
and effort. If computational biologist / bioinformatician, candidate
should have, besides basic knowledge of molecular genetics, strong
background and interest in computational data analysis, experience
with Linux/Unix shell, knowledge in database technologies and solid
programming skills. If molecular biologist, candidate should have an
experience either in RNA analyses and biochemistry or in cell biology
techniques including confocal microscopy, life cell imaging and FRET.
Strong communication skills and the ability to interact and co-operate
well with other scientists and students in the team are essential. Lab
websites: http://web.natur.cuni.cz/~pospisek/, IRESite: http://www.iresite.org/

The laboratory is located at Charles University, Prague, Czech
republic. The deadline for application is September 23, 2012. Please
contact Martin Pospisek at martin at natur.cuni.cz. Only applicants, who
received their Ph.D. after March 28, 2008 are eligible.


RNDr. Martin Pospíšek, Ph.D.
assistant professor
Tel.: +420 221 95 1719
E-mail: martin.pospisek at natur.cuni.cz

Department of Genetics and Microbiology
Charles University in Prague
Faculty of Science
Viničná 5, 128 43 Praha 2

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