[BioC] error when loading mzR

Steve Lianoglou lianoglou.steve at gene.com
Thu Aug 1 01:39:35 CEST 2013


On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 4:28 PM, Monika Lukaszewska [guest]
<guest at bioconductor.org> wrote:
> To whom it may concern:
> Here I get this error when I open new R session:
> "During startup - Warning messages:
> 1: In fun(libname, pkgname) :
>    mzR has been built against a different Rcpp version
>  than is installed on your system. This might lead to errors
>  when loading mzR. If you encounter such issues, please send
>  a report, including the output of sessionInfo() to the Bioc
>  mailing list -- http://www.bioconductor.org/help/mailing-list.
> 2: Class "C++Object" is defined (with package slot ‘Rcpp’) but no metadata object found to revise subclass information---not exported?  Making a copy in package ‘.GlobalEnv’"
> I have installed xcms and metaXCMS packages but I encounter several errors when I try to run metaXCMS.
> I installed/uninstall R several times. IS there a way of fixing mzR/Rcpp problem?

You're installing an old(er) version of R (2.15.3), please install the
latest version of R (3.0.1) and then reinstall your packages using

There was some chatter about mzR and Rcpp inconsistencies some time
ago, which maybe what is biting you now, and I believe has since been
resolved. The upgrade to R 3.0.1 will likely be all you need.

You'll also get the added bonus of using the latest and greatest (and
supported) versions of the Bionconductor packages you will be using
for your analysis.


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