[BioC] IRanges::unlist in package

Blanchette, Marco MAB at stowers.org
Mon Aug 12 18:01:16 CEST 2013

Thanks James, yep, importMethodsFrom() did the trick for that function.
Now, I am stuck with a second function that also breaks when deployed from
a package but works just fine when located in the top level namespace. The
problem with this one is that it does not break per se but returns NA's,
which makes locating the faulty step quite difficult to find!

So, I have two questions:
1) What's the best strategy to identify the packages that needs to have
their methods imported by the importMethodsFrom() function
2) What is the best way to debug functions that behave differently when
loaded in a package vs on top level. Is there a way to "step in" a given


--  Marco Blanchette, Ph.D.
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On 8/7/13 4:09 PM, "James W. MacDonald" <jmacdon at uw.edu> wrote:

>Hi Marco,
>On 8/7/2013 4:51 PM, Blanchette, Marco wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> First, sorry for the double posting on the r-help and bioC, my mistakeŠ
>>Never meant to send it to the r-help list as it is a bioC question. So
>>here it isŠ
>> I am writing a package with some of my favorite custom functions so
>>that I can share them with others. I do not have a lot of experience
>>building these packages and I apologize if this is a trivial question.
>> The issue I am having is with the generic function unlist used to
>>unlist GRangesList object (unlist(GRL) from the IRanges package)
>> I have a function A in myPkg calling function B (myPkg::A{myPkg::B;
>>Š}), which is in the same package and call the unlist function of a
>>GRangesList object (myPkg::B{ unlist(GRL); Š }). For some reason, if I
>>have the two function on the top level namespace, everything works, but
>>when loaded from a package (library(myPkg); A(GRL)) it breaks at the
>>unlist() step. However, if I fully qualify the unlist function in myPkgB
>>(myPkg::B{IRanges::unlist(GRL); Š} ), then calling A(GRL) after loading
>>the myPkg library works.
>> So, are we expected to always fully qualify the unlist() function?
>>(i.e. Calling it with it's package name myPkg::B{ IRanges::unlist(GRL) }
>>). I have been trying all strategy of Depends: and Imports: in my
>>DESCRIPTION file and nothing works unless I fully qualify this function.
>I don't think you want to depend on IRanges if you only use this one
>function. Instead, you should be adding IRanges to the Imports list in
>your DEPENDS file, and using a NAMESPACE file that includes
>importMethodsFrom(IRanges, unlist)
>for more information.
>> What is the best practice? I tried using only Imports: as suggested by
>>Chambers but it breaks. Using Depends does not help.
>> Am I having clashing namespace? Here is my Depends: (or Imports:) line:
>>Depends: Rsamtools, GenomicFeatures, parallel, rtracklayer, edgeR
>> Am I simply missing something?
>> Thanks
>> --  Marco Blanchette, Ph.D.
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