[BioC] [devteam-bioc] Converting \"data.frame\" to appropriate format for tau.dist() in bioDist library

Paul Shannon paul.thurmond.shannon at gmail.com
Mon Aug 19 18:13:08 CEST 2013


Another look at your error message and I see the first thing you should try

>> tau.dist(R.Arte)
> #Error in function (classes, fdef, mtable)  : 
>  unable to find an inherited method for function "tau.dist", for signature "data.frame"

You are passing the tau.dist function a data.frame.

If you look at tau.dist's man page:


you will see that the first argument should be a matrix.  

If this distinction (between matrix and data.frame) is unclear -- and there have been times for all of us when that is the case -- a little reading and experimenting with the two data structures will likely pay off nicely.

 - Paul

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