[BioC] DiffBind - Dropbox containing vignette data

Rory Stark Rory.Stark at cruk.cam.ac.uk
Tue Aug 20 19:23:48 CEST 2013

Hello Ching Yew-

The data for the vignette can be found at this link:


If you unzip this and make the unzipped directory your current directory,
instead of system.file("extra", package="DiffBind"), the vognette should
run, including the call to dba.count.


On 20/08/2013 17:46, "Beh Ching Yew" <behchingyew at gmail.com> wrote:

>Dear Rory,
>I am currently looking into DiffBind for my Chip-Seq data analysis.
>Would appreciate if I could have access to the Dropbox containing the
>vignette data as you mentioned in the user's guide.
>Thanks very much.
>Best regards,
>Ching Yew

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