[BioC] (adj.p.value & log2FC) or (B.value & log2FC)

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Dear Deb,

	I used adjusted.p.value (with fdr) <0.05 because it takes multiple
tests into account in computing the signficance.
If I have fewer than (say) 50 genes I make the fdr more lenient.
If more that 1K genes, I filter by the absolute value of log2FC as well.

with hopes that the above helps,
On Dec 2, 2013, at 1:15 PM, deb [guest] wrote:

> Hi Sir,
> I have a simple question regarding cut-off parameter to be used for filtering out DEGs from the topT object obtained using LIMMA.
> Which statistics is preferred more and why?
> 1) filter of adj.p.value and log2FC.
> 2) filter of B.value and log2FC.
> I mean both give similar ranking of genes but usually I have  seen people using an adj.p.value cut-off of 0.01. What is the minimum cut-off value for B.value?(Is it 4?)
> It is a technical question so I do not have any output to be put in the next sessionInfo() field.
> Thank you for your input Sir.
> Regards.
> Deb.
> -- output of sessionInfo(): 
> topT<- topTable(fit3, coef=1, adjust="BH", sort.by="B",number=nrow(data))
> --
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