[BioC] DEXseq: fitDispersionFunction error

Simon Anders anders at embl.de
Sun Dec 29 16:57:33 CET 2013

Hi Uma

On 26/12/13 21:18, Uma Shankavaram wrote:
> I am having problem with the DEXseq program using TRT functions, and I was
> hoping
> that somebody could help me once more. :) I successfully ran through a
> full analysis of one time point of my dataset, and was hoping ideally to
> extend the analysis to my full time course, using the GLM test.
> As mentioned in earlier discussion, I have sourced the TRT functions from
> the svn repository, and successfully completed the
> estimateDispersionsTRT. However, I ran into this error when running
> fitDispersionFunction:

What exactly do you mean by "sourced the TRT functions from the svn 

Please simply use the standard release version of DEXSeq, 1.8.0, which 
now uses as default method what used to be called "TRT" at some point 
during development. (See Appendix C of the vignette for details.)

If the problem persists, please ask again.


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