[BioC] Summarized Experiments - Combine

Garcia Manteiga Jose Manuel garciamanteiga.josemanuel at hsr.it
Mon Oct 7 14:43:19 CEST 2013

Dear Martin and BioC,
I am using the Summarized Experiments object in DESeq2 to upload RNA-Seq data. I have resequenced a subset of samples in my experiment and re-counted them with htseq-count, therefore I end up with a subset of new files with new count data. I wondered whether there is a in-R way of using the SummarizedExperiments data object to sum up the counts of the second Run to the counts of the first run. Of course I know how to do without the DESeqDataSet and other DESeq functions but I thought that maybe there is a quick and safer way by using some `combine` onto 2 different dds (SE) objects of same rowData with samples to sum.
Thanks in advance

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