[BioC] arrayQualityMetrics does not produce interactive plots

Cowman, Steven A s.cowman12 at imperial.ac.uk
Thu Oct 10 17:52:34 CEST 2013

Dear Wolfgang,

Thanks for your reply and explanation.

Typing "pkg-config --modversion cairo libxml-2.0 libxslt" into the terminal give the message "command not found".

I used Macports to install these libraries, so using the command "port installed" I found these version numbers:

libxml2 @2.9.1_0 (active)
libxslt @1.1.28_0 (active)
cairo @1.12.16_0+x11 (active)

I don't know whether or not this give the information you were looking for.

Thanks and best wishes,


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