[BioC] Integration of different microarray data (same platform)

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Have a look at the frma package and paper:
McCall MN, Bolstad BM, and Irizarry RA (2010). Frozen Robust
Multi-Array Analysis (fRMA), Biostatistics, 11(2):242-253.

And maybe the barcode paper as well (also implemented in the frma packge):
McCall MN, Uppal K, Jaffee HA, Zilliox MJ, and Irizarry RA (2011). The
Gene Expression Barcode: leveraging public data repositories to begin
cataloging the human and murine transcriptomes, Nucleic Acids
Research, 39:D1011-5.


On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 11:57 PM, Chirag Gupta [guest]
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> I need to integrate affymetrix data from different labs into one large expression matrix. This matrix will have different experiments as the columns and genes as rows. How can I do this in a way that is statistically robust. Should I normalize each experiment individually and column bind all the different experiments?
> Thanks!
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