[BioC] oligo annotation: pd.mogene.2.0.st vs pd.mogene.2.0.st.v1

Bernd Klaus bernd.klaus at embl.de
Thu Apr 3 10:54:08 CEST 2014

Dear Jim, Dear Bioconductors,

Jim, thanks a lot for providing the nice annotation packages
for oligo!

I have some mogene.2.0 microarray data and the cel files contain


as the chip identifier. 

So If I try to read them in using 

	rawData <- read.celfiles(< list of celfiles > ) 

then oligo tries to download the "pd.mogene.2.0.st.v1"
package, which does not exist.

Can I just use 

	rawData <- read.celfiles(< list of celfiles >,  pkgname = "pd.mogene.2.0.st" ) ?
 After all it seems to be the same chip. 

What does the v1 mean anyway?
Browsing the affymetrix website a bit seems to show that whenever you're looking
at some technical documentation, it is called MoGene-2_0-st-v1, while in the datasheet
pdf the v1 is left out …

Thanks a lot for your help!


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