[BioC] Combing Effects (t-stats) from experiment with common reference design?

Atul atulkakrana at outlook.com
Thu Aug 28 21:52:47 CEST 2014

Hi All,

I was wondering whether there is any approach to combine 't-stat' from 
different comparisons but using same control. These are my contrasts:

Stage1 vs ControlX
Stage2 vs ControlX
Stage3 vs. ControlX
Stage 20 vs. ControlX

Here the control is same i.e. same sample for all contrasts. From 
'limma' analysis I have Fold change, t-stats and p-values for each gene.

Now, is it possible to combine 't-stats' from all different stages to 
single value? Or compute a single combined value for all the contrasts. 
So, that this single metric could be used to rank genes across all time 
points. Is there any package available to do so? I can find methods to 
combine p-values but not the 't-stat'.



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