[BioC] Custom GeneSetCollection PFAM

Fabian Grammes fabian.grammes at nmbu.no
Fri Jun 6 15:28:41 CEST 2014

Dear all

I'm working with an unsupported organism. However I have a table 
of PFAM annotations for my genes and would like to make a
GeneSetCollection out of it (to use it later for hypergeometric testing

So how would I get a data set like this: 

gene_id	pfam_id
XLOC_000002 PF00354
XLOC_000002 PF13385
XLOC_000005 PF10523
XLOC_000005 PF13385
XLOC_000007 PF00013
XLOC_000007 PF02791
XLOC_000007 PF13385

into a GeneSetCollection ??

Thanks, kind regards


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