[BioC] looking for GRanges ggply like ddply

Steve Lianoglou lianoglou.steve at gene.com
Fri Mar 21 19:05:06 CET 2014


On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 9:12 AM, Michael Lawrence
<lawrence.michael at gene.com> wrote:
> Not really sure how ddply works (the "." syntax seems a bit weird) but I
> think you want something like:
> do.call(c, tapply(gr, list(gr$transcript_id, gr$type), function(tt) {
> }, simplify=FALSE))

Clever -- somehow I never realized we had specialized versions of more
than just lapply, and mapply ... maybe it's because I've never been a
fan of `tapply` (I mean, what does the `t` mean, anyway?)

Anyway, the OP's `ggply` function would be neat -- perhaps a `bioplyr`
package could interesting/fun for somebody whose got some time for a
little yak shaving ... ;-)


Steve Lianoglou
Computational Biologist

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