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Dear all,

I am doing differential expression analysis and I have a question concerning time course experiments (Single-Channel Experimental Designs). 

I have one cell line that was treated in 4 different ways. I want to check which genes respond dierently over time for different treatments. I did 4 different comparisons. 

I have treatment A, B, C and D, and I compared groups: A-B, A-C, C-D and B-D. For all my data I created ONE design matrix, and FOUR contrast.diff.matrices. For the fit() function I have used the esetPROC with all my data. This was followed by contrast.fit() and eBayes() functions. At the end I got top differentially expressed genes (from topTableF() function). 

Additionally, I did almost the same thing, but I created FOUR different design matrices and FOUR contrast.diff.matrices for all my comparisons. I extracted the subset of esetPROC only with the data I needed for the comparison, and continued as described above. 

I got different results for those two approaches. The adj.p.values were much smaller for the first approach than for the second one. I assume it is because of the eBayes function. Could you please explain me which approach is the correct/better one and why?

Best wishes,

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