R-alpha: R0.50-pre6: "stack imbalance in ..." // is.vector(matrix...)

Martin Maechler Martin Maechler <maechler@stat.math.ethz.ch>
Thu, 3 Apr 97 14:45:55 +0200

[[[ To the new subscribers of the  R-devel  mailing list:
    The latest  prerelease of R 0.50 has not been
    announced to this mailing list, by accident.

  In short, get		R6.tgz  and  R6-update.shar.gz,

  from	ftp://stat.auckland.ac.nz/pub/ihaka/

  and first unpack  the tar file, then the shar file in the same

and to ALL  "R-devel"oppers:
	Yes, please use this mailing list to report
	bugs / fixes / annotations / suggestions ...	

-- Martin [after ``e-talking'' to Ross]

Quite strange error / warning messages that I am getting here:

   > prompt(prompt)
   stack imbalance in internal as.vector, 22 then 21
   stack imbalance in .Internal, 21 then 20
   stack imbalance in <-, 16 then 15
   created file named  prompt.man  in the current directory.
     Edit the file and move it to the appropriate directory,
    /soft/sunos5_1/R-prealpha-0.50-6/src/manual/man/ dropping the ending '.man'
   stack imbalance in {, 14 then 13

The first three messages are created by "as.character" on a 'symbol'

   > (function(x) as.character(substitute(x)))(abc)
   stack imbalance in internal as.vector, 9 then 8
   stack imbalance in .Internal, 8 then 7
   Error: stack imbalance in "unprotect"

The 2nd remark is both a bug and a feature report:

Good news:  One long standing  S(-plus) bug  has been fixed in R:

	is.vector( __named_vector__ )   finally gives TRUE

Bad  news:  is.vector( __matrix__ )  now also is TRUE which is not wanted IMHO.

> is.vector(structure(1:9, names=letters[1:9]))
[1] TRUE
> is.vector(cbind(1,1:3))
[1] TRUE
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