R-alpha: Version 0.50-a1 patches

Ross Ihaka ihaka@stat.auckland.ac.nz
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 17:00:03 +1200 (NZST)

A set of patches for R-0.50-a1 is now available as
The patches mainly fix problems reported since R-0.50-a1 but some
older problems are also fixed.

Here is the list of changes.

 o  Many subsetting and mutation problems with the new "expression" type
    have now been fixed.

 o  When ask=T is set in par() the user is instructed
	"Press <Return> for next plot:"
    rather than asked
	"Next Plot?"

 o  The infinite recursion observed by in Kurt Hornik in:
	R> test2
	function (x) 
		attr(x, "call") <- sys.call()
	R> test2(x)
	Error: stack overflow
    has been cured.  There may be one or two more of these.  All the
    xxxx<- functions should be checked.

 o  Patches from Benjamin Bolker to cure some line type problems has
    been applied.

 o  Fixed the t(table(0)) problem (1-d arrays not quite handled right).

 o  Changed naming back so that pow_dd etc are available.

 o  Patches to barplot and text from Kurt Hornik.

 o  When x was a data frame,
	mode(x) <- "character"
    caused a crash.  This was because a class of "data.frame"
    was being attached to a character vector.  Now only lists
    can become data frames.

 o  There is now a -gdb option to the R front end as well as -xxgdb.

 o  Documentation of NChisquare fixed.

 o  Definition of S_alloc fixed.

 o  Changed the names of seeds_in and seeds_out to seed_in and
    seed_out as per Kurt's request.

 o  "unlist(c(2))" fixed.

 o  "data.frame(x=2)" fixed.

 o  Bug in do_title fixed.

 o  Scoping for subset methods by forcing an eval of the args on
    entry fixed (bug reported by Patric Lindsay).

 o  subsetting of data frames fixed .

 o  Misc problems in Rdoc.sty reported by Kurt Hornik fixed.
 o  Permissions in the data subdir for quakes and sunspots fixed.

 o  Segfault in dimnames mutation
	R> x <- 1:5
	R> dimnames(x)[1,2] <- NULL

 o  It was observed that
	> D(expression(z * (log(z) /z)), "z")
	(log(z)/z) + z * (1/z/z - log(z)/z^2)
    This is exactly what S-Pus produces.

 o  Added the option -B 8192 to m4 in the etc/doc2* files to keep
    m4 happy.

 o  New functions "as.ordered", "data.class" and "scale" from, Kurt
    Hornik added.
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