R-alpha: Bugs in R-0.50-a1.

Patrick Lindsey plindsey@luc.ac.be
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 11:28:50 +0200 (MET DST)

Problems in R but not in S:

1) 'unlist' seems to have several other problems than the ones
reported up to now. For instance, 'unlist' can be used on almost any
object in S without much trouble. Eg.:
	S> unlist(c(2))
	[1] 2
	R> unlist(c(2))
	Segmentation fault (core dumped)
This occurs in R-0.49 and in R-0.50-a1.

2) Problem with the parser: When a function contains a condition
between brackets the closing bracket must be adjacent to the last item
in R but not in S. Here is an example:
	S> new <- function (x,y,z,k) {
	S+ message <- list(x,y,a=if(z) k
	S+ )
	S+ message
	S+ }
	R> new <- function (x,y,z,k) {
	R+ message <- list(x,y,a=if(z) k
	R+ )
	Error: syntax error
This occurs in R-0.49 and in R-0.50-a1.

Problems in R:

1) The 'R Graphics' window does not have any X class or resource and
therefore cannot be given a default size or geometry. Would it be
possible to give the graphic window a class name so that the size
could be specified in the '.Xdefaults' file?

2) It does not appear to be possible to specify the 'xlim' when using
boxplot. This might also be the case in S but would be nice to
have. Eg., when plotting several boxplots together, lets say 7. One
would generally plot 4 first and then 3. Hence, if they are fitted on
the same page the boxplots of the first line will be wider than on the

3) Some problems occur when using the help. Eg.,
R> ?"+"
sorry, no help for "Arithmetic".
This occurs in R-0.49 and in R-0.50-a1 and seems to be the case for
any item contained in a help file starting with a capital letter.

4) The option 'right' when using print gives an error. In S,
'print.default' calls 'print.structure' and then 'print.matrix'. This
last one allows this option. Can anything be done as 'print.default'
is internal in R?

5) The control-c still does not work on R-0.50-a1 under certain
variants of Linux. What is the easiest way to fix this?

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