R-alpha: -- data files : read.table(..., header=TRUE) -- Yes!

Kurt Hornik Kurt.Hornik@ci.tuwien.ac.at
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 13:37:16 +0200

>>>>> Martin Maechler writes:

>>>>> "Doug" == Douglas Bates <bates@stat.wisc.edu> writes:
Doug> .....
Doug> I can't find copies of those messages so I will summarize here.

> sorry, once more.

Doug> One of them was unimportant - simply an observation that the
Doug> mis-typing of TITLE as TITLe in the documentation for the library
Doug> function is intentional.  

> yes! (it partly breaks the HTML version..)

> But with the new Rd (man) style and its perl scripts, the problem is
> gone anyway.

Yes, definitely.

Doug> The second was a query to Fritz with a
Doug> copy to this list on whether the data files in the bootstrap
Doug> library are indeed accessible with the data function.  It seems
Doug> not.

> This also has quite a bit changed in the current source.

> As Kurt says, all the packages have to be updated though before they
> work with the current directory structure.

Again, this will change with the new version.  If a new-style package
has a `data' subdirectory, its contents are installed along with the R
objects, shared libraries and help files etc.  Loading the pkg makes
these data sets available as well.

FRITZ:  When you update your pkg, please make sure that the data get
into the update as well.

Doug> f there was a convention that files ending with .data in a
> 						          ~~~~~
Doug> data directory should be read with read.table I think that would
Doug> be great.
> indeed!
> Maybe we should have  '.dat'
> in order  for the Win3.x  version to need less adaption for porting... 

Doug> Actually I think it would be "insanely great" if they
Doug> were read with read.table(filename, header = TRUE) 
> 			 -------------------  ##############
> Yes again!

Simply from the extension?  Or perhaps we could have a ``magic'' first
line telling a generic `read' what to do?  (A similar logic could be
applied to e.g. reading in xbase files using a (still unwritten) pseudo
method read.dbf which would be called if the generic read figures out
that it is looking at a dbase file (and again, using the result of
file(1) may be the better idea ...)


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