Saving and replaying plots

Ross Ihaka
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 10:03:59 +1300 (NZDT)

Guido Masarotto writes:
 >   I don't know if this can help. But, I was thinking about the possibility
 >   to recall previously done plot during the same session not
 >                                             ~~~~
 >   between sessions.					    
 >   Typical usages that I have in mind: 
 >   1) do a plot, do some others to explore how something can be represented, 
 >      going back to the first  (or some other before), decide to add
 >      something to the third, final choice for it, add to it final
 >      details (e.g. legend, change color,...), print it.
 >   2) teaching: students work in a labs for sometimes, 
 >      I can review what they have done 
 >      (Ok, there are other solutions,i.e, they save plots in a postscript
 >      file and I review the file, but it would be very nice to do this
 >      from inside R without re-issuing all the commands again).
 >   3) .....................

Do you have multiple graphics windows in your version?  You could
just spawn a new graphics window, experiment for a bit and then
go back to the original to continue there.

The display list can be stored as an ordinary R data stucture,
son there is no difficulty in saving and restoring between sessions
once you are able to get it from the device driver.

I've been wondering it it might be possible to edit the display list
before replaying it.  There are a lot of cool things that would be
possible then...
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