Packages for RedHat 4.2, Debian 1.3

Douglas Bates
16 Jan 1998 09:13:39 -0600

Goran Brostrom <> writes:

> I tried it on my newly installed RH 4.2 system (as root):
> # rpm -i r-base-.....rpm
> failed dependencies:
>      /usr/bin/perl is needed by r-....
>      /bin/sh  is needed by r-....
>      /bin/sh     is needed by r-...
> I have those guys, and I was running sh. I guess that I don't know enough
> about RedHat and rpms (I know nothing...). What is the correct way to=20
> do the installation?
> G|ran Brostr|m
> Statistics Department
> Umea University, Umea, Sweden

You may be able to install it with
 rpm -i --nodeps r-base-....rpm

My problem in making these packages is that I generate them under
Debian GNU/Linux as .deb packages then use an automatic transformation
program to create the RedHat Linux .rpm packages.  Since I don't use
rpm for installation myself it is difficult for me to test them.  I
know what the Debian package installer does when it checks
dependencies but I don't know where rpm looks to satisfy dependencies.

Maybe we can try a bit more with installation of the RedHat packages
and if people are still encountering problems like this then we'll
punt and ask others to build the .rpm packages on RedHat systems.

The reason I wanted to keep the Debian and RedHat packages in sync was 
that it makes the organization of the directories, etc. consistent so
it is easier to track down bugs.  Also, I had hoped it would avoid
some duplication of effort.  That may not be the case.
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