ESS-mode and X-emacs problem

Douglas Bates
16 Jan 1998 09:27:27 -0600

Douglas Bates <> writes:

> It looks like R is trying to run with the readline history facilities
> started.  It shouldn't do this when you are running under ESS.
> One quick fix might be to install a terminfo entry for the "emacs" 
> terminal type but I'm not sure how you do that.
> I had thought that when ESS started the R process it should send the
> -noreadline flag to it.  From the R manual page
>        The following options are present to support the use of  R
>        from  other  programs.   In  particular,  the  -noreadline
>        option exists so that R can  be  run  under  emacs(1)  and
>        xemacs(1) using ESS.
>        -noreadline
>               Turn  off  the  use of the readline(3) command line
>               editing.
> If R is getting the -noreadline flag properly then my guess is that
> the call to initialize the readline library (probably in
> $RHOME/src/unix/system.c) is not being protected by an if statement
> that checks for this flag.

Maybe I pointed the finger in the wrong direction.  I don't see that
the -noreadline flag is being passed to R when invoked by ESS.
 cd /usr/lib/xemacs/site-lisp/ESS-5.0/
 grep -n noreadline *.el /dev/null
 # no responses.

Try starting R by
C-u M-x R
and when it asks for "Starting Args ?" put in the -noreadline flag.
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