non-standard HTML? [Re: netscape to become freely redistributable]

Friedrich Leisch
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 16:55:33 +0100

>>>>> On 23 Jan 1998 16:55:10 +0100,
>>>>> Peter Dalgaard BSA (PDB) wrote:

PDB> Douglas Bates <> writes:
>> OK, I phrased that wrong.  I have found that I can't use lynx or
>> chimera or arena or w3 to view the initial page at
>> $RHOME/html/index.html because it uses tables.  I guess that is more
>> of a problem with the browsers than with the html files.
>> It appears that recent versions of lynx still cannot work with tables.

PDB> Huh? Lynx 2.7.1 seems OK here. The tabular layout is a bit -- hmm,
PDB> lacking, but it's usable enough:

PDB>                                The R Language
PDB>                    Tutorials Data Structures Control Flow
PDB>                             Data Entry Graphics
PDB>                             Data Analysis with R
PDB>           Basic Statistics Exploratory Data Analysis Linear Models

PDB> The only silliness is the remark "Only the bold entries are real",
PDB> because in Lynx, *all* entries with a link are bold.

Funny that today everybody seems to be starting to discuss the html
pages ...

I am reworking all html pages this weekend (the necessary files are
already on a floppy and wait for me to go home) ... this includes the top
page. I will also change the layout of all functions pages etc.

But I definetely will use tables etc because I don't know how to
format some of the pages without. But I'm currently putting lynx 2.7.1
on a floppy, so I will try to make the pages look as goos as possible
under lynx (though this has low priuority for me as we have a
text-representation using nroff).

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