libraries; Fortran / -lf2c / Slackware woes

Martin Maechler Martin Maechler <>
Wed, 20 May 1998 10:08:28 +0200

you should ask questions like these on R-devel.
There are more proficient Linux gurus on there than me [that's why I CC:].

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Lindsey <> writes:

    Jim> Martin, Here is an additional problem with my libraries: the
    Jim> Kalman filtering, written in Fortran, uses complex arithmetic.

    Jim> On my Red Hat 5, the f2c library is included by the -lf2c in the
    Jim> Makefile.
makes sense.

    Jim> However, my son has just installed a new version of
    Jim> Slackware and we can find no way to convince gcc to include the
All I ever hear about Slackware is that you should not use it anymore...
[I used to have a 0.99x version of Linux.. and *did* have Slackware then..]

    Jim> f2c library. (With the previous version of Slackware that he had,
    Jim> it could be tricked by placing -L/usr/lib right before -lf2c,
    Jim> something I never understood.)

-L/usr/lib  says to that -lf2c should also search for libf2c.a or .so
 in /usr/lib.
However that is standard (in Linux), so I don't understand either.

The above problem sounds like your installation is broken to some extent...

    Jim> Of course, R crashes when we run my
    Jim> programs because it does not find the complex functions.

    Jim> I remember that there was some discussion of such problems on the
    Jim> list quite a while ago. Is any solution in sight?

The new 0.62 branch of R  *REQUIRES* either a fortran compiler or f2c.
So, your problems might have resolved by then.
However, given what you tell above,  I assume that your Slackware-Linux
system has some misconfigurations that should be resolved anyway...


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