libraries; Fortran / -lf2c / Slackware woes

Douglas Bates
20 May 1998 13:41:46 -0500

Paul Gilbert <> writes:

> <snip>
> >> I hope that the problem has been fixed in 0.62, but I wouldn't be too sure of
> >> that, since, as far as I know, you and I are the only ones who have been
> having
> >> this difficulty. I suspect it will become more of an issue as more fortran is
> >> ported.
> >If this is the problem it should be fixed in 0.62, since R.binary will
> >have to know how to find the local fortran compiler and libraries to run
> >itself. You can then distribute the fortran code and it will be compiled
> >and linked the same way as the built-in fortran.
> This assumes that everyone who wants to run the code has a fortran compiler, not
> just f2c. This is not really a very good assumption, especially since the
> current version of g77 seems to have a bug and won't compile my code. In
> general, fortran compilers are much less widely available than C compilers. I
> think that distributing the code as generated by f2c will help a lot of people,
> but this sometimes means using libf2c. (I've even found that using gcc on the
> f2c code works better in Splus than trying to use a fortran compiler.)

But "fortran compiler" can mean something like a script that calls f2c
then calls gcc on the result.  We have one called "fort77" in the
Debian Linux distribution.
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