dependencies in .so files

Luke Tierney
Wed, 27 May 1998 15:41:31 -0500 (CDT) wrote:
>  > Also you need to consider what happens at runtime if a function is
>  > called and finds an unresolved symbol. On some systems a signal might
>  > be sent that can be caught (HP-UX sends SIGABRT, but I'm not sure I
>  > would want to catch all those), but this will need to be checked out
>  > on every different system. Having any problems reported at load time
>  > seems like a safer solution -- I have gone the other way and switched
>  > to using RTLD_NOW for this reason (and because that seems the least
>  > common denominator accross UNIX/Win32/Mac).
>  I agree. This point is however indipendent from  linking a
>  shared library which needs another shared library. This has
>  to do with the RTLD_LAZY flag not with the RTLD_GLOBAL one. 

Your're right -- I got those confused. GLOBAL makes the symbols in the
new library accessible to later loads, LAZY/NOW determine whether the
check for all needed symbols occurs at call or load time. I'm still
not sure though if RTLD_GLOBAL semantics are realiably implemented on
all UNIX systems. I think it's not an issue in Win32 since (except
with Watcom?) all references need to be resolved at link time.


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